Workshop: Consulting 101

Our workshops will be one of a kind. It’ll be “Consulting 101”. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to grow your business manifold. We can’t promise to give you what you want but we guarantee that we’ll provide you with what you need.


Let us give you an overview of what you’ll learn and imbibe during our workshop.

  • It’ll be a one-day long session with snacks and lunch. It’ll span out over 7 hours of intensive interaction with a small group of colleagues.
  • We’ll deal with your issues and your concerns in a pragmatic way. We don’t like much theory since that’s available readily. Our focus is on getting you hands-on experience.
  • Each and every element discussed in the workshop will be provided to you as a tangible hard copy material for your future reference. This will include every form, job aids, templates, phone scripts, expense reports, press kit contents, invoices, etc.
  • We’ll be sending you books and CDs right after you register for the session. This will enable you to start studying even before the session begins! This preparatory material will include a focus on the value proposition, pricing strategy, referral sources, time allocation, etc.


What will actually happen in the session?

Let us tell you a bit about what you’re going to experience out there just to get you a little more excited than you already are!

  • We’re going to real-life exercises where you will be actually performing certain activities yourself. We’ll be simulating certain intricate scenarios that we know you might face or have faced earlier.
  • We’re going to use a mock office set-up to practice realistic meeting with a buyer/seller.
  • We’ll setup a scenario where you’ll have to talk to a buyer/seller over the phone and convince them on something you’re told to do.
  • We’ll have special sessions with experts from a myriad of sectors including legal, finance and tax, digital marketing, business etiquettes and personality, sales and business development, etc.
And many more……..
You get the idea, isn’t it? We aren’t a “talking head” and you are definitely not a “potted plant”.


What will there be in the preparatory course?

These will be the books and CDs worth $1,365 that will be shipped to you. You can start studying way before the session starts and have a heads-up to everything that will be elaborately discussed and practiced in the sessions.
Following are books and CDs that we’ll ship you right after you register:

  • Advanced Consulting
  • Alliances
  • Branding
  • Coaching
  • Cold Calls
  • Conflict Resolution Value Based Fees
  • Expanding Business
  • Language of the Sale
  • How to Acquire Clients
  • How to Establish a Brand
  • Great Consulting Challenges
  • Life Balance
  • Process Consulting
  • Value Based Fees
  • The Ultimate Consultant
  • Networking
  • Power Writing
  • Product Creation
  • Proposal Writing
  • Publishing Commercially
  • Time Management
  • Time Mastery
  • Value-Based Fees
  • Why Women Should Listen to Men
Now, we assume you can understand why people trust us. We bet you won’t find such a comprehensive course that will mould you into the consultant you aspire to be. We think it’s safe to say that we’re a “College” providing you with the necessary information to prosper in this competitive world.


What will you gain after completing this course?

Something tangible you’re expecting? Well, surely. We’ll offer you a graduation certificate and a press release that you’ve completed this program.
But, that’s just a paper and something you can flaunt in your company and or interviews. The knowledge that you’ll acquire would be invaluable. Some of the things that you’ll take back with you:

  • Create your most dramatic value propositions
  • Develop a powerful and memorable brand
  • Create phone “scripts” for cold calling situations
  • Create a powerful physical and electronic press kit
  • Find and identify the true economic buyer faster
  • Create a trusting, peer-level relationship with that buyer
  • Use language effectively to gain buyer commitment
  • Create “bullet proof” proposals
  • Implement projects with a minimum of labor intensity
  • Expand business constantly and gain referrals continually
  • Choose the best legal options for your business
  • Protect your intellectual property in the most comprehensive manner
  • Choose the best financial alternatives for your practice
  • Identify the best Internet marketing strategies and support
  • Maximize time efficiency
  • Select passive income options, from products to royalties
  • Learn how to gain an interview from a press inquiry every time
  • Acquire forms and templates to maximize your efficiency
  • Improve your life balance, discretionary time, and personal options
We’re pretty sure we’ve cleared all your doubts about registering for this event. Oh, but you still have some? No worries. Email/Call us directly and we’ll be more than happy to answer your queries.