Over the past few years, we've garnered adequate experience to tell the right from wrong in a business.

What we've seen is that even brilliant people with degrees from the top colleges across the world are trying too hard to figure out ways to sort problems that occur in their businesses.

These companies might have a great product or service or they might be intellectuals in their fields whose knowledge knows no boundaries.

We hate to see such talent getting wasted because they get tied up in something they can't come out of.

Many intellectuals and organizations have shut shop just because they weren't able to work out the solution to an otherwise simple problem. The problem might be something that occurs in the day-to-day running of a business.

We decided to put an end to it. We realized that all they need is a bit of guidance and mentorship to set them on the right path.

That is how EconStra PRO came into being to help out these individual consultants and firms. We deduced that all we need to do is to provide them with the necessary knowledge, upgrade their skill set and success will automatically follow.