Here’s a list of the top 20 ways that came to our minds while deliberating on a number of requests from consultants from the same. After due thought process and deliberation we have narrowed down to the following 30 ways that can you can effortlessly use to increase your consultancy fees and also protect your revenue from capricious requests of suspicious cash flows which might lead to out flows.
While dealing with a client, you have to try your best to convince him that value based services are always in the best interests of the buyer. Enlightening and educating the client on the value based aspect of the contract can help you to retain a client over the long run and also keep him away from being approached by other consultants offering the same services that you do.
One interesting fact of consultancy services and the consultancy business that has been observed over time is that the fees charged for services rendered is often too low, because the consultants haven’t been able to set appropriate benchmarks for their projects.
While most consultants are not fond of using the phone to market or sell, there are always some techniques rights around the corner that you can use to improve your chances to market effectively through the phone.
Like almost everything around us and all that surrounds us, the business consultancy business is also ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Well if not all about the money, a major chunk of it revolves around money for money is the oxygen of every individual and organization’s life. You need money (cash flow), not just to survive, but to take care of the operational costs that come up during the day to day running of the business, save something for a rainy day (contingencies ) and also to expand your business in the near or distant future.
We receive numerous calls and emails regarding bargaining. Consultants ask us to help with strategies and methods to bargain and strike a deal with a client. One thing they fail to understand is that once they give in to bargaining and settle for a lesser price than their original consulting fees, they’ve given the client access to a diamond mine.
Consulting is an art. It encourages more to question and listen rather than to declare and sell. Sounds simple? It’s pretty difficult for most consultants to get the hang of it.
Let us show how a typical consultant will respond to a question by the customer and how EconStra consultants would respond.
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