While most consultants are not fond of using the phone to market or sell, there are always some techniques rights around the corner that you can use to improve your chances to market effectively through the phone.

First of all, you need a decent phone from a manufacturer known for decent voice quality. Further, since you have decided to market your business using the phone, it has become an integral part of your business and cannot and must not be doubled up as a Fax machine.

Buy a fax machine if you really have to but the phone needs to be kept sacrosanct. Further, you need a phone which has the speed dial key, the redial key, a mute button, a speakerphone option and a hold feature. ‘Call forwarding’ or ‘call failing’ options also don’t end if you must go for a higher-end phone and a Caller ID can absolutely work wonders.

Headsets are required for lengthy or long calls because you won’t want to miss out on important pieces of info in a crucial conversation, neither would you like random trivialities in changing hands to hold the phone, come in way of you and a lucrative offer from your client. Your words are your assets and you need to keep the client interested right from the word go and you will need to make sure, you are well prepared to go into this battle because of some other consultants’ to known to hire professional telemarketers just to market and sell.

Since you are not a professional telemarketer you need to exercise a lot of patience while talking to your clients and be calm always since you might have to encounter a lot of counter questions from your prospective client, which even though innocuous will be painfully frustrating to answer since you’re to going have to make a lot of calls and talk to all sorts of clients all by yourself.

You should also keep water, a mirror and a note pad handy so that you can note down all important details for future reference, if any. Penning down a script of your own to pitch your idea to a prospective client just like a professional telemarketer can also prove pretty effective , because at times you will feel the need to dumb down to the level of the client, who might not understand the concept as effortlessly as you do. A script can work fine even if you are talking to the assistant or voice mail, such voice mails are eventually answered back. You also would like to have a recording device on your phone so that all calls are recorded and you can use them for future reference, if the need ever arises.