Winning pitch means to send a message to the client what your company’s about and what is been offered to them in a clear and structured way. The investors, buyers, and even audience need to reach with clear and ingenious voice of the entrepreneur.
Sometimes, even the smartest of the entrepreneur is not able to reach the audience as he/she does not understand the value of a winning pitch. Blowing owns trumpet will not serve the purpose. In fact, the distorted pitch might be a noise for them and eventually, they might fade their interest in the venture.
Creating a winning pitch is a skill that the entrepreneur needs to build immediately to attract business to his venture. There are several tips to do so and we have listed a few very important ones below

  • Understand the 10/20/30 rule- Guy Kawasaki created the rule for successful marketing and is popularly called the 10/20/30 rule. It means that your deck or presentation should be limited to 10 slides, 20 minutes watch and with 30 fonts to grab the viewer’s attention.
  • The message should be in the inverted pyramid pattern- The core message should be delivered at the starting of the discussion and then should be carried further. Do not give an impression that you are procrastinating the message or wasting the time.
  • Show them the market opportunity- Without luring them to the potential of the market, the investors do not get attracted to the business. So, with the graphical representation, statistics and other facts and figures, show them the excellent market potential.
  • Sound passionate to make the presentation exciting- You are creating a pitch and not a boring monologue. Avoid this, as you might find listeners dozing off or taking a small nap while you were talking about your business. So, sound energetic and smart to hook the attention of the listeners.
  • Talk practical- Nobody wants to invest in metaphysical and assumed business potential sound real and provide proof with data and updates so that they believe and above all trust your pitch.