An impromptu meeting will land you nowhere and result in a sheer waste of time and effort. The most efficient way to get a group agreed on a collective decision is to set up a successful meeting. Getting a group tighter is a challenging job; however, with few tips, nothing can go wrong in arranging a successful meeting.

Tips to arrange a meeting

  • The right people- Invite the relevant people to the meeting, this avoids derailing of the meeting. People who have a major stake or veto to the agenda should be present. for example, if the presence of the CIO is intimidating to rest of the participants who are the employees, then keeping him out is very important to get the best participation in the meeting.
  • Agenda- The members should be aware and ready with the inputs for the meeting. Everyone should know the topic and ready for their inputs. This avoids wastage of time and guarantees 100% results.
  • Homework for the invitees- Do not give a clean slate to the invitees; instead, provides them with the background information. This will keep them hooked with the topic a day before and therefore will get the maximum from the meeting.
  • Clear objectives- It is not a synonym of agenda, it means the goals of the meeting. Having clarity on the topic creates the route to the next meeting and targets till the upcoming roundup.
  • No hidden surprises- Have an estimate of what will be coming up, the objections, appreciations, reactions and even the result of the meeting.
  • Record the minutes of the meeting- Any meeting big or small, reviewing it later makes it more informative. So try to keep the details and minutes of the meeting in a record.

A professional approach while setting up a meeting makes a huge difference and the above pointers are time-tested and trustworthy.