The job of a consultant is nerve wrecking as it has to deal with people’s attitude and behaviors. Yet the challenge becomes big when the professional has to work for the clients in their office. It is a tough job to set rules, implement ideas and above all challenge the existing work pattern sitting in client’s office.
The client office is the personal zone of the client and any unfavorable act from the consultant can be considered as a breach of privacy and trust. This can lead to termination of the contract in certain serious circumstances.

To avoid such maladies, a few do’s and don’ts does help the consultant to a great extent

  • Communication is the key- Communication clears fog for all the confusion and miscommunication. Instead of working on the assumption, try to talk and figure out the issues. Also, when trying to implement or introduce any new module or plan, try to inform the client before making any amendments.
  • Have a genuine concern for the business- Do not act as an outsider, in fact, try to become an integral part of the company. This helps in reducing the gap between you and the client.
  • Never go aboard of your contract- Not a contradiction of the above pointer, but a warning to work under safe restrictions. ultimately you are an outsider and therefore should not indulge in internal matters and issues.
  • Document everything- This attitude works for the best of interest to both the client and the consultant. It avoids future discrepancies as everything is framed and documented.
  • Do not fall for an argument- This can lead to the termination of the contract. So, avoid it at any cost. However, never shy away from putting your viewpoint in front as it is also very important but not with contradictions.
  • Understand when to bid adieu- Sometimes, the client wants you to stay a bit more time with him to check the plans are working like well -oiled machinery. Even you become comfortable of the set-up and environment and want to extend the stay; but hold on, once the term is over you need to shift back to your base immediately and start looking for new projects.