To make a successful targeted cold call to your clients, first get over the fear of it. The aspect of selling products and services to a total stranger, with just using the voice requires a lot of research and skill. But the foremost challenge is to reduce the nervousness before taking the plunge.
The first approach should be to use a synonym for a cold call and preferably it should be called an ‘inaugural call’. This in fact, makes more sense and meaning- the inaugural or introduction of your business to the potential client or clients.

  • Planning to make a successful targeted cold call- The difference between cold call and calls made by following a list is that the former is not a rhetoric and repetitive call. Here, the caller has a maximum of 10 seconds to grab the attention of the receiver. If failed, then the call might hang up with “no thanks, I am busy, talk later and simply without any reply”.
    Once the conversation gains momentum then the next challenge is to convey the message in not more than 3 minutes. With so many challenges, it is important to make targeted inaugural calls to avoid rejection and depletion of time.
  • Select the target audience- There is no point in making random calls if the client does not need your product/ services. For example, if you deal in food supplements then calling the nurses or doctors is useless if the purchasing power is in the hands of the management.
    Do your homework before carefully; make a list of the potential buyers and people with purchasing power.
    Next comes the time frame to make a call, and there is no need to mention that the time aptness should be of the client. They should be able to lend ears to your call as there is seldom calling back again.
    Practice alone or with an acquaintance before making the call. Novice or inexperienced callers are rejected in the first instance.
    Finally be confident while speaking to your client, after all, they can imagine your personality with your voice.