An entrepreneur makes a cold call to the potential clients for convincing them to purchase the product or services he sells. It can be well described as a legitimate business tool to reach clients with whom the owner has no prior contact.

The shilly-shallying of making a cold call

It requires planning, practice and the perfect performance strategy to prove your worth in minimum of 10 seconds of someone else’s time. There are chances that the cold call will be hung up, or tune out or better “no thanks” from the client.
The entrepreneur who acts as a salesman does require preparing before making a cold call. This helps him to take the rejection or denial in a positive way.

A few steps to prepare before intruding into someone’s time

Research as much as you can to know your prospect customers. It doesn’t make any sense to blindly go in a meeting. Analyze everything about the customer to tailor your approach accordingly.


  • Plan- making a cold call from an entrepreneur to the clients is different to making random calls from a list. Here, you need to understand and research about the people who are in the same zone and can do business with you. Preparing a database of such contacts and then making a call is an approach that works.
  • Do not perform soliloquy- do not speak more than two sentences at a time. Let the client speak as well. Such calls work best when there are two-way communications.
  • Body language- though you are not visible to the client, yet your body language has an impact on your tone. So, instead of slouching becoming fidgety, stand perfectly and smartly to sound pleasant and elegant.
  • Sound positive- nobody entertains negative thoughts and vibes, so to grab the attention and focus of the client, sound positive.
  • Short yet informative conversation- do not make long and not so worthy conversation. Talk crisp and informative as you have the time clock ticking.

It is said that the cold call is dying and do not work anymore, the fact is, it is still the most ingenious tool for an entrepreneur to pitch to his clients. With the above factors in mind, the act never fails to deliver.