To build trust, loyalty and above all repeat business, it is vital for any company to manage the inbound calls from its customers. The expectations of the customers should be met to create long- term relations and allowing them to feel that they are an integral part of the company.
The most common expectations of the customers making inbound calls are

  • Prompt response- the customers want their calls to be answered quickly without wasting time.
  • Lending full attention- - the calls should be handled by trained staff and not by a newbie or any other staff. This creates an image that the company is efficient and values the time of the client.
  • Quick recognition- - if the call is from a regular customer, then the technical approach to allocating the call to the right resource fetches a token of appreciation from the client. Even the client who is making an inquiry or complaints should be directed to the right direction with the technical navigation. This feature speaks volumes for the company.
  • And the response to complaining- not all calls means business or formal talk, sometimes grievances and complains also come pouring. So, instead of shying away from it, train the employees to solve the issue right away. If not able to solve then take down the details or navigate the call to higher authority.

Common challenges of the inbound call

Well, the most common challenge is the secret which is not unfolded that who is at the other end of the call? It can be the VP of the company willing to do business, the CEO of the startup, a developer with technical queries or a job seeker.
So, it is very important to learn the skill of attending inbound calls to your business.