Frequently Asked Questions

WWhat exactly you guys do?

We help solo/firm professional service provider achieve highest success.

Give me some example as to who has got help from you guys?

  • Business Consultancy,
  • Corporate Trainer,
  • Life Coach,
  • IT/Software Consultancy,
  • CA, CS, CPA, CFA,
  • Lawyer/Law Firm,
  • PR agency,
  • Medical/Dental Practitioner,
  • Investment Consultant,
  • Financial Planner,
  • Deal Maker,
  • Real Estate Advisor,
  • Insurance Agency.

What types of services you OFFER?

Please check our Service section.

How did you come to this sector?

We are a team of professionals started EconStra 7 years back when we started we literally had one cell phone and one laptop, yeah that’s it. We now have a successful business with excellent cash inflow. We interview many consultants, Lawyers, Accountants, Corporate Trainers for our own firm and we met few excellent guys, extremely knowledgeable but very poor in their own business barely making any money. They underprice their service offerings, all day long trying to sell their services but not closing any deal or working. We also met some future partners from top 3 management-consulting firms who are excellent in their job but really struggling to close a deal. Then we thought to help all these excellent people to grow their business ten times. Few of them we have already hired for our own firm. We help individual or professional service firm grow 10 times in two years’ time.

I am planning to leave my job and want to be self-employed. Can you help me?

Of course we have helped many professionals. They are running their business successfully.

I am a senior consultant I know all about my business how you can help me you guys do not even know my subject?

We do not need to know your subject. We are helping you to grow your business. We will give you Strategy, Tactic and process. If you follow them, you surely will be successful in your endeavor.

Can I get training online?

We are working on it. We will start online courses very soon.

We have a firm we have been doing great business but we are unable to go to the next level can you guys help us?

Absolutely we can. We will work with your organization and come up with a strategy for your organization; we can assure you that you’ll get more clients and generate more revenue from them.

I have learned how to sell how to close a deal by watching YouTube video, follow successful gurus but still I do not see any growth. Why?

Honestly speaking, they never work because most of the time they are American or European writing book on one general topic. All his/her idea is based on his/her own society. Yes, I agree some part will be common regardless of where you live. And the rules apply to any one in the same line of business but 75 % of that rule does not work. We work with Asia, Middle Eastern Market, and South East Asia; all are different market. You have to understand your market and only then you can deliver. Our plan and training is based on what we have learnt over the years. You can be rest assured that you will get sure success if you follow our direction and guidance.

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