The Amplified Coaching Program at EconstraPro is exclusively designed for global consultants and business owners. We have experts who have provided advanced and in-depth coaching sessions to business consultants and rainmakers since ages.

Coaching is a more practical way of working on specific requirements with right development strategies for on time completion. By joining the Econstra Coaching Program, you will be able to accomplish your individual goals along with the business needs.

We invite everyone who is interested and qualified to participate in this global coaching program. All the sessions would be conducted by expert coaches around the world. Get ready to experience an intensive and progressive coaching program.

What is Included

The coaching program will contain:

  • An engagement of 9 months
  • Making behavioral and skills objectives
  • Creating success metrics
  • Creating deadlines and the measures to meet them
  • Weekly phone calls to address any issue
  • Individual meetings as and when needed
  • Review of your work as and when needed
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited phone calls to provide extra support

Major Outputs

We will discuss and decide the specific goals that you need to achieve and work on those predetermined goals. We will review your work on regular intervals and may add additional perspective to that. This facilitates a faster and enhanced progress. We will do regular follow-ups and provide constant support to accelerate success.

Within these 9 months of engagement, you are free to discuss any and every concern regarding your goals. We will be in constant contact and help you to achieve your goals much faster. Work on your true potential and master in that.