Mr. Aman Bhutia, Strategy Consultant for SMEs

Mr. Bhutia is a freelance strategy consultant. In his previous years, he has worked with 2 large consulting firms and was involved in projects concerning MNCs. He had quit his job to become a full-time consultant for SMEs. Mr. Bhutia was no doubt a great consultant. His strategies are worth implementing.

But, he’s facing a very different problem. He has a few clients. The strategies he gave to them don’t seem to resonate with those businesses. Being an excellent consultant, Mr. Bhutia was pretty shocked.

He came to us seeking help. We did our part of the analysis. What we uncovered is that the strategies he gave were great but they weren’t exclusively for SMEs. They were more like for Mid-level companies to MNCs. That will definitely not work for SMEs.

We asked him to join our “Being a Consultant” program in which we teach how to consult a company based on its level of operations, among other things. Now, since Mr. Bhutia was already a consultant he didn’t require much time to catch up with the course.

Within a month, Mr. Bhutia was a name to trust. His strategies now not only cater to SMEs but he funnels them down to the industry and the company itself.

We really love to see people benefitting from our programs. It makes us take that extra step and improve ourselves so that we can return times 10 to our students.