Dr. Zuber Mohammad

Dr. Mohammad is a practicing medical consultant for the last 2 years. He is associated with 3 hospitals and 1 private clinic. He tried setting up a clinic at his house but unfortunately couldn’t get enough patients.

The question is why? What was lacking? On the other hand, people flocked to get his consultation in the hospitals. He came to us for help. We did our analysis. We saw that Dr. Mohammad needed more marketing for his own clinic. The few patients he used to get were by a word-of-mouth. Additionally, he is a shy character. He is a soft-spoken person. He didn’t have that go-getter attitude.

We did something unique with him. We asked him to join one of our Life Coaching programs and simultaneously attend our Sales Training program.

It’s been a year since then. Dr. Mohammad is now a changed man. Apart from being a great doctor, he is an awesome salesperson with a (much-needed) go-getter attitude. His own clinic has gone from 0 to 30 patients a day.

It’s really an awesome testament as to what our programs can do. They’re guaranteed to help you achieve greatness in your business and your career.