ExcelFin Planning LLP

ExcelFin Planning came to us in a very critical state. Their financial consultants weren’t performing up to the mark. They lost three clients and weren’t getting any new ones. The financial advices they were providing wasn’t up to the standards (or so they said). The existing clients are complaining as well.

What was the problem here? The financial consultants had excellent credentials. But, the team was young with not much experience. They knew what they were doing. Where they failed was that they couldn’t bestow the advice properly. The “consulting” part was lacking.

They asked us to help them. We ran a customized program for them with our veteran financial consultants from our consulting firm. Within 3 months, we started seeing transformation. They got 2 new clients. Additionally, the existing clients are praising their team for their work. They saw a 15% growth in their revenue.

Now, ExcelFin is going on with our advanced programs in which we guarantee to help them become a nationally recognized brand by just knowing how to promote their brand through their consultants.