PRO Success Mentor program

The Success Mentor program comprises of 3 excellent mentorship programs. The Mentors here are handpicked by Arunava D Bajpayi, Founder, and MD of EconStra Business Consultants LLP, one of the top consulting firms across the globe. So, we assure you that you’ll be taught by the best of the best. The consultant will sit with you first, understand your requirement and accordingly suggest which program you should opt for (if at all you need one). We don’t want you to waste your time or money.

Our 3 programs are:

1) Success Mentor Elementary Program:

The Success Mentor Elementary Program is a 6-month course where you’ll be allotted a mentor. You’ll be in constant touch with your mentor via call, email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and other means.
This program will help you strategically and enhance your skill set to the level of achieving the title of “Consultant” (it’s not easy to be a “real” consultant).
Our program starts at the beginning of every month. Very limited number of seats is available. It’s a “first come, first serve” basis.

2) Success Mentor Enhanced Program:

Many individuals require personalized mentorship. We agree with that. In this program, the mentor allotted to you will be more active than ever. He’ll first analyze the areas which need improvement immediately and start working with you to enhance them.
You’ll be in constant touch with your mentor via various channels and meet up as and when required. The areas we deal with may include contacting prospects, creating proposals, following up on leads, developing your consultant attitude, networking work, creating and promoting a brand, etc.
We’ll have the complete set of tasks laid out for you. You’ll deeply benefit from this and we guarantee to bring out the best in you and then add some more to it.

3) Success Mentor Accelerated Program:

This is for those energetic people who want to start from Level 1. This program will involve regular in-person engagement.
The Mentor will continuously be in touch with you. He or She will be first focusing on the basics of Consulting and then quickly jump to more advanced topics.
All this will be done in a very short period. Besides that, we also encourage you to bring anyone who might be interested in the discussion that you and your mentor will be having. They’re going to be very fruitful at all times.

In addition to all this, we provide our Success Mentor Elementary Program for FREE with this program. We feel that you’d need support even after you complete the accelerated one. That is why your mentor will continue to help you even after this program ends.