While dealing with a client, you have to try your best to convince him that value based services are always in the best interests of the buyer. Enlightening and educating the client on the value based aspect of the contract can help you to retain a client over the long run and also keep him away from being approached by other consultants offering the same services that you do.


  1. Let the buyer beware that there is a cap on his investment and even if the price being charged is high, it is absolute subject to no fluctuations with no hidden costs and absolutely no surprises in the future.
  2. You are always available to serve your client to the best of your ability wholeheartedly regardless of time or location. Any time, over any day, week or month.
  3. It frees the client to bother about the money all the time. Since the consultant is available for all the time for a one-time payment, the client doesn’t need to think about the money every time he calls up the consultant.
  4. Any of the people associated with running the business promoted or owned by the client can call up the consultant at any time without a second thought. Otherwise, the people are just busy thinking about budgetary approvals and important questions remain unanswered.
  5. All unexpected, unforeseeable future work is taken care of by the consultant and there is no need for any other pay. It saves the client money and disappointment in the long run.
  6. Any additional, increased work, unexpected or expected, foreseeable or unforeseeable is taken care for by the consultant for absolutely no costs at all.
  7. Such sort of arrangement between the consultant and the client works wonder and costs the client much less than what it would have cost him for hourly billing for all the project outcomes that are delivered.
  8. Since the fee is paid up front, the work is in progress and it will be completed regardless of any changes (behavioral or occupational) in your office.
  9. One of the most uncomplicated and effective ways for a client and consultant to work together as it builds a business in the long run, fosters mutual respect and trust, something of paramount importance in professional circles.
  10. This practice adopts a free approach and always upholds the interests of the seller so that he is talked into opting for a value-based service.